Adaptive Tutors offers exceptional support in standardized test preparation and academic tutoring for college bound students.
Test Prep Coach Joseph Ruotolo

As an educator and lifelong learner, I’m passionate about helping my students find their zone of genius.  My mission is to help students develop competence and build confidence by learning the skills they need to reach their goals.  Having received my Bachelor degrees in both Math and Physics cum laude from State University of New York, I taught Mathematics at the university level before deciding to pursue a career in tutoring and test prep.  I love the personal nature of the face-to-face interactions that are integral to the success I share with my students.  Join me in propelling the next generation of learners to unlock their potential and achieve their dreams!

For over 10 years, I’ve helped students identify and overcome obstacles in their learning.  Every student has a different set of learning challenges, but the same end goal:

Master the concept.  

Let me help you learn the skills you need to master the SAT, ACT, and academic courses to succeed in college and beyond.  

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